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Day 4

Posted by Pat Gotto on

Last night was our second mass crusade. I don't have the official count of people but there were thousands. We set up our crusade platform in a local plaza/park so there is a lot of space for gatherings. We set up large speakers on platforms around the plaza so that the sound travels far not only in the plaza but also in the streets, and buildings nearby. 

The first night we were entertained by Haitians doing amazing acrobatic feats of leaps, jumps, and break dance. One of the young dancers told me to be sure to watch because the performance was for the GV team. I was setting up a covering made of PVC pipe at the time but I did capture some of it on video. 

The second night a group of 5 male Haitian singers performed very animated rap songs. I believe they were Christian songs.

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